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About V.P. Sales & Company

V.P. Sales & Company is involved at all levels of oil and gas production, from oil well drilling to hydraulic fracturing in Alice, Texas and the South Texas region.

Our staff at V.P. Sales & Company consists of some of the most experienced personnel in the industry and come from a variety of backgrounds in the oilfield industry. Ranging from mud pump and work over rig specialists to former hydraulic fracturing supervisors, there is nothing our staff can't handle.

As an organization, V.P. Sales & Company prides itself on being able to analyze and troubleshoot problems and provide experienced guidance and solutions to our customers to meet their oilfield supply needs.

Company History

V.P. Sales & Company came to life in 1992 when Victor and Pam Perez began their sole proprietorship with just one employee out of Alice, Texas. Since then, V.P. Sales & Company has been providing the South Texas area with oilfield supply and specialty drilling products for over 20 years.

The business has grown steadily over the last decade, expending our operations to areas of oil well servicing, oil well production, hydraulic fracturing, and specialty repairs.

Today, V.P. Sales & Company maintains over 30 full time employees and remains focused on providing quality customer service, competitive pricing and integrity in our work.

Oilfield Supply Delivery

We provide all of our customers - from some of the largest in Texas to the smallest regional outfits - with our own delivery service at no extra charge during normal work hours. We believe that our service to customers is unmatched by any other oilfield supply company in the industry.

Our sales and delivery team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to enable us to handle all of your product and service needs. We deliver at no charge Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, and are available at any other time for deliveries at a nominal fee.

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